Saturday, August 25, 2012

Isolation Phase. Iterative and Incremental. Part 2

Tools are what you need to do more with less, at least in the long run.
Get ready all your gadgets? If not, please flash back to Part 1 before continue reading this.
A quick review here about the assumptions made. Our context here is only dealing with only THE BED BUGS infested bed room, say your master bed room and none of other bed rooms are occupied by human.
Before you start to tear your bed room apart, you need to clean up the clutters in the room first.
* Get ready insectide sprays.
You will want to spray directly on THE BED BUGS anytime you saw them
Clean up the Clutters
Begin with your clothes laying around on the floor or hanging in the closet. Put them into plastic bags that you bought, tied them up and transport them to your designated spaces/washing machines to perform heat treatment. Once you piled them all at the same place, you can start your heat treatment.
Boiling water is the best.
* DON'T reuse the plastic bags above, throw them far away or burn them up. This is because you wouldn't want any bed bugs nymphs, eggs or anything nasty possibly coming out from them.
Anything else you want to move out from this room must be sterilized completely in-and-out using the alcohol (more than 70% concentration) you bought. The sprayer is of good use here.
Initiate First Demarcation
Let's pretend that your room is a square.
You need to form a trap zone around this square, specifically to kill THE BED BUGS crossing over.
Use the Dust Applicator to apply a thin layer of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth around your room, including window edges and wall joints.
Also, spray some DE into power outlets or around it, behind hanging wall pictures, teared wallpapers, surrounding your closet, dressing tables, side tables and around your bed.
Don't forget to spray some DE around the wall/door edges of other rooms too. This is to kill any of THE BED BUGS attempts to flee to these places.
One golden rule when you apply DE. It gotta be a very thin layer else THE BED BUGS would not crawl over it which also means their exoskeleton or so wouldn't be damaged by the DE. Use Dust Applicator if possible. If not, use a powder puffer you can get from any hypermarket.
The whole objective of this step is to reduce the survivalship of  run-on-rampant THE BED BUGS when you start to shatter their "nests", e.g. boxspring/mattress.
Later on, you will need to repeat this step in Initiate Second Demarcation for another objective.
 That's it. The next phase would be the Killing Phase.
Until then, enjoy the following: