Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coalition & Alliance

Blissed Ignorance is a Curse.

A bug crosses over your arm. You saw and smashed it. Life goes on and music keeps playing.

Ignoring the fact that some events could be an indication to a greater cause enables you to live in status-quo (financially, emotionally, physically, blah-blah) until it becomes serious and I mean darn serious. Well, the truth is it's alright at all to be ignorant if and only if you accept the risk of materialized possibility and perceive that the benefit of ignorance outweigh its cost.

Your decision your choice and no one to blame, ya?


Instead of one tiny bug on your arm, you suddenly discover at one peaceful night, there is a squadron of bugs sucking out blood from your body. But hey no pain at all (they will inject some anaesthetic before the meal), you can choose to exercise your high level smashing skill to whack out all of them and do nothing until next more severe event occurs. It's totally fine, really. Since our system is based on *democracy* and probably most of us are in the pro-choice segment, I have no disagreement over your continued blissed ignorance.


Since you have spent perhaps more than just a few minutes on my blog, tolerated with my uncanny and *definitely* nerdy way of writing entries, I believe we are at the same side about how to win this Homosapien-Cimexlectularius war.

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