Saturday, August 18, 2012

Massacre. Allegro.

Life is like your travel luggage, you never know what it carries until some little creepy monsters haunting you day and night thereafter.

If you don't understand the above statement, you don't know yet the danger of exposing your travel luggage.

Life's sucks, man.

I never aware or made aware of such creatures until few months back when I finally need to face-off with THE BED BUGS, horror movie #1 on the billboard for that showing period. Too bad I don't have any friends who are major in entomology that I could consult without incurring astronomical consultation charges. So guess I just gotta put some efforts in Do-It-Yourself pest control.

Bed Bugs sucks, man.

Let me now tell you how this will work.
  • You will need time.
  • You will need money.
  • You will need energy.
  • You will need knowledge.

Translating this to the domain of project management, it means you will need to understand and balance the constraints of (Time, Cost, Resource, Scope).

I will try to make the process easier for you by blogging the IMHO essential information in this site.

However, at any given time, please put reasonable doubts about my information since this site is free and I'm not a professional pest control person, which also means if you follow some instructions here, please "Do it at your own risk". :D

You want this on your bed

Not this

Am I right?

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