Sunday, August 19, 2012

Isolation Phase. Iterative and Incremental. Part 1

You gotta completed the Scan Phase first. Go and read my previous posts about the Scan Phase before continue with this Isolation Phase.

The whole idea of this Isolation Phase is to prevent THE BED BUGS from spreading further and thus making your infestation elimination efforts harder, much harder.

I will put a simple assumption here that you only got one bed room infested by THE BED BUGS and other bed rooms are vacant with no living occupants.

Firstly, you have to remember that the only major food source of THE BED BUGS is HUMAN BLOOD which means they will cluster around the food source, which also means if the food source moved, THE BED BUGS will probably moved too. This is bad since you are making THE BED BUGS a moving target which you gotta be crazy try to eliminate all of THE BED BUGS, unless probably you can get the president approval to NUKE the damned area.

So, DO NOT attempt to move out from your usual sleeping zone during this war period, UNLESS you have medical condition or strong justification. Well, the bottomline is you can sleep at other houses/hotels for a day or two until you managed to get your hands on the needed KILLING/ISOLATION tools.

Ok, this list is what I suggest you to get:

  • Pillow/Mattress Encasement
    • Check your mattress size!
    • Buy a good one such as Protect-A-Bed distributed by KingKoil if it in Malaysia
  • Boxspring Encasement
    • Check your boxspring size!
    • No need to buy this if your boxspring/divan comes with wheel.
    • I think it's hard to find the right encasement in Malaysia. No idea about the price.
  • Steam Cleaner
    • Karcher Steam Cleaner is a good choice
    • Can get it from Ace Hardware Shop in Malaysia
    • Not cheap.
  • Large Plastic Bags
    • Any large trash plastic bags would do
  • Few bottles of Insecticide Sprays
    • In Malaysia, you can get the common brands such as Ridsect, ShieldTox and so.
  • 500mg of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth a.k.a DE
    • If you are from Malaysia, I can help in supplying this
  • DE Applicator a.k.a Dust Applicator or Powder Puffer.
  • 500ml Isopropyl Alcohol (At least 70%) a.k.a rubbing alcohol
    • If you are from Malaysia/Klang Valley, I can help in supplying this
  • Sprayer bottle
    • Can get from any pharmacy/hypermarkets/online sites
  • Few meters of wide size double sided tape. 30mm width would do
    • Not easy to find this. You can try order from online sites
    • .
  • Washing machine/Bath tub/Buckets to do heat treatments
    • Use your washing machine if got heating feature (at least 45d celcius)
  • Kettle to boil water
    • No need if your washing machine got heating feature (at least 45d celcius)
    • Else you will boil few ten liters of hot water to treat your clothes/fabrics

The most expensive of all will be the Steam Cleaner and Pillow/Mattress Encasement. I actually spent nearly MYR1,700.00 (approx. USD 500) for items in the list.

If you think it's too much for you to spend, stop reading
and find an affordable pest control company.


If  THE BED BUGS is perceived to be a likely repetitive problem and you have spent few thousand bucks on your precious pillow/mattress, you are actually making good economic sense doing this purchasing decision.


If THE BED BUGS is already an out-of-control matter that you think can't be solved by yourself. Call Professional.


Oh boy, this starts to sound interesting ya?

DO NOT move anything in the bed room until you completed the collection of the item in the list.

*Moving your mattress out to expose under the sun is a bad idea as it probably will drop  THE BED BUGS along the course of the movement and spread to other areas *

*Get ready to throw away your boxspring if it is too tough to reach some of its internal structure and if it is attached with wheels. *

<End of Part 1> Please enjoy the following.

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