Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scan Phase

The latter that a bug is found in the software development life cycle
the more costly and risky it is.

Did you ever watch CSI series or similar? First and foremost of every investigation and criminal prosecution should start with an evidence collection stage. In this stage, you collect useful information to confirm that a crime did exist before expending more efforts to deploy your valuable investigator to follow up the opened case.

The truth holds for THE BED BUGS problem.

It is too costly to start any treatment course if it is not even THE BED BUGS problem.

Thus, the mandatory need for this Scan Phase.


Irrespective of venue, if you saw a bug that looks like the any of the following

Bingo. You have just confirmed THE BED BUGS crime.

If you have *no luck* seeing any of the creatures in the picture above, you should now get naked, literally. #Grin#

Well, you don't really have to get naked. The objective is just to physically *self*-investigate your body skins for any THE BED BUGS bites. There is no standard bite size, color or shape. Some even don't react to THE BED BUGS bites. Some will feel itchiness. Some will have allergic reaction.

That's why it is so easy to confuse THE BED BUGS problem and other problems like dust mites, mosquitos, scabies and other pest problems.

The following pictures are from WWW. I'm not inside any of them.

Don't stop Scan Phase yet. The more information you obtained the better for confirmation.

You should scan your sleeping place which you usually spent few hours on it.

For typical person, this would means a mattress and perhaps a bed frame.

However if you sleep on couch, scan it.

Specifically you are looking for the following evidences.

Actual crawling *bastards* on the mattress

THE BED BUGS feces aka poops/shits

THE BED BUGS f*cking rave party

Some information about your findings

If you are living in a home with few bed rooms occupied with other tenants. You must repeat the Scan phase in every room.

The reason being THE BED BUGS will be attracted by the release of heat/carbon dioxide/some chemical materials of human which means they will crawl from places to places.

The rule of thumb is in THE BED BUGS crime, generally 90% of the bugs will be within 5 meters of the bed which means that your cabinet, closet, clock, power outlet, teared wallpapers, dressing furniture could be occupied by them.

Once you finished your Scan phase, you now should have the knowledge of how serious, wide-spread, degree of infestation of THE BED BUGS problem you are facing. 

The next step is, I would spend my last breathing strength to emphasize: very critical to increase the chance of winning this war.

The Isolation.

Anyway, to reward yourself, please spend some time Scan the following. Courtesy of *ahem* WWW.

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